Our Company

Oxa Systems is a software development company based in London.

Our expertise in programming, systems and relational databases allows us to help achieve the development of a whole range of projects, from A to Z, with a client base of companies and institutions.

We operate from the beginning of the project, with the customer's specifications, until the user training through all phases of development, from programming through to integration.

We guarantee the proper functioning of our software and web applications, and provide a hotline for users available anytime.

Our projects vary depending on the sector concerned, ranging from the creation of a management system (CRM), to the creation of more complex software packages such as quality management systems (ISO) or safety systems (such as SAP and clearances).

Our team consists of professionals, including analysts, programmers, and also engineering project managers in development. 

Our Know-How

Oxa Systems is involved in the realisation of all phases of development projects, customised software and web applications-oriented databases: 
   • Assistance in drafting the statement of requirements
   • Creation of specifications
   • Project development - Creation of database and / or connecting to existing databases
   • Development and Programming
   • Testing and Debugging
   • Integration of existing data
   • Writing the manual
   • User training (OXA SYSTEMS is an approved training organisation)
   • Helpdesk / Hotline 

We create a computerised management solution perfectly suited to a particular business model.

We recognise that every company operates differently and has its peculiarities and specificities that must be preserved because they are an integral part of its internal organisation.

The establishment of a legacy system usually leads to significant changes, thus making it difficult to estimate risks and loss of time.

That is why Oxa Systems integrates a new management system smoothly into the company structure that will fit perfectly into the mode of operation, without disrupting the business.pendisse sed.

Frédéric Fronteddu
Managing Director

Serving companies for 12 years

Specialising in business software development, Frédéric founded Oxa Systems in 2009.

Based in the heart of London, we provide services to a wide range of clients and specialise in the tourism sector with the development of management and reservation software.

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